version 1.3 beta

Using Postgresql with Spine$ su - postgres$ cd /tmp/Spine-1.1 createdb $database
CREATE DATABASE psql $database < /tmp/Spine-1.1/psql-struct.sql
... psql $database < /tmp/Spine-1.1/mysql3-data.sql
... createuser -D -A -E -P $username
Enter password for new user:
Enter it again:
CREATE USER perl -e'for(qw(adminaccess attribute content macro message \r
messagegroup navbarbuttons navbars revision session statistics style usergroup users wiki)) \r
{ print "GRANT ALL ON $_ to $ARGV[0];
GRANT ALL ON ".$_."_id_seq to $ARGV[0];
" }' $username | psql $database

The following variables are used: